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Thanks for landing on my events page. I am just now beginning to set up events for 2019. My first year out on a book tour was interesting to say the least! After forty events I had to cut the tour short...of all things, I had a stroke! Well, I am almost back to normal and ready to go. If you have ideas of places that David, my husband, and I can give presentations please let me know. We have a knock-out beautiful presentation of visuals and readings. It has been a big success. So here are a few events that I have planned. Look for more in the coming months.


DECEMBER 6th, 2018

Inland Empire Garden Club, Spokane Valley

Darcy's Restaurant, 6:00 pm


MARCH 27th, 2019

West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Drive, British Columbia

7:00 to 8:30


SEPTEMBER 26th, 2019

Nanaimo Harbourfront Library, 90 Commercial Street, Nanaimo BC

Large Meeting Room, Thursday at 6:30 pm


SEPTEMBER 27th, 2019

Nanaimo North Branch Library, 6250 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo BC

Friday- 2:00 to 3:30


SEPTEMBER 28th, 2019

WORKSHOP: Keeping an illustrated journal

Greater Victoria Public Library - Central Branch, 735 Broughton Street, Victoria BC

Saturday afternoon- 2:30